Shopit Service Management

Web application that stores in a database client requests for repairing a device. It was built for shopit

User Login. Built in php using cookie so keep the user logged in. The user password is stored as a salted hash and there is restriction in failed login attempts to prevent brute force attacks.

Front-end. The front-end is built to be user friendly and it is essentially used by the employees who meet clients.
It presents a form that is filled with clients contact details and a short description of the device and its malfunction. After every successful registration, a registration number is shown to better short them.
Moreover, it also allows searching using client details, so that the client can be quickly informed for the status of the device.

Back-end. A list of all the registrations is presented, allowing the administrator to add further notes and change the status of a registration (checked, not yet checked, irreparable etc.) and even delete them completely.

Email Notifications. For every new registration, an email is sent to the stores technical department. Additionally, if a predefined amount of time passes without changing the status of a registration, a reminding notification is sent to the technical team.

Technical Information

No cms were used. All functions of this web application were built using pure php code.

To be able to check how often notifications should be sent, cron was used together with a database table that relates each registration with an “expiration” date.