Dynamic Reservation Website of a Cruising Boat on Kos Island

This website provides information about the boat itineraries and allows online payments and reservations. Visitors can pay using paypal or directly through Piraeus Bank payment website.
Moreover, this website is GDPR compliant. https://www.odysseykos.com

Reservation System

A custom reservation system was developed for the needs of the business, that allows managing of availability of each day from the administrator, to prevent over booking.


A correct SEO strategy was implemented, and the website now scores high on search engines results and most importantly raising brand awareness. Appropriate keywords were used after a relevant research.

Technical Details

GDPR Compliance
Apart from using existing WordPress tools, client details are encrypted before being stored in the databaseand are decrypted everytime the administrator request access to them. This was made possible by implementing appropriate hooks. In this way, even if there is leak of database data they are protected.

Furthermore, by allowing or rejecting the use of certain cookies the visitor is allowed to choose the information he/she shares and enable or disable curtain functions of the page like a google map.

Reservation System.A custom plugin was developed that allows the administrator to manage daily reservations.