E-shop and presentation page of a local garage, created with wordpress and woocommerce. kartioris-car.gr

Technical Details

The aim was to build a simple, easy-to-use and fast e-shop. Woocommerce, was the appropriate choice considering the size of the business and the already existing application that is provided for easy mobile management.

Initially an existing template was used. A child template was created as well as a custom plugin to make permanent changes on the initial design. Without these intervention the page had scored a 34% at google’s page speed test. After the enhancements, it now scores up to 90%!

Moreover, a huge disadvantage of the initial template that in a great extend has been corrected, is that is was not built using a mobile-first approach.

Finally, for the simplification of the back-end, to make it even more user-friendly for the administrator, unnecessary form fields and choices were removed using a custom plugin, while titles where added above the remaining fields, by using WooCommerce and WordPress hooks.