Dynamic php website for renting vehicles in Kalymnos, created as an employee at shopit

Technical Details

This was initially a static php theme, and it had to be converted to a fully functional dynamic website to allow the owner to post and manage vehicle entries, receive orders and manage a guest book. In order to allow this a custom back-end was build, solely using php, javsacript, html, sql and css.

First, a custom login system was created that uses php cookies to keep the user logged in and it also prevents connection after some failed attempts. All valid users are stored in database in a secure way, using hashed passwords.

At the back end, a custom dashboard allows the administrator to add vehicle entries and their details to the database, upload pictures, edit and delete existing entries. Also, client comments can be deleted by the owner to ensure that no spam is listed on the website’s guest book. To make it secure, prepared statements and escaping was implemented, to filter hazardous code. Lastly, a CUSTOM NEWSLETTER subsystem was created, using PHPMailer that allows the administrator to massively contact the subscribers.

At the front-end, a lot of changes were made to the initial theme using CSS. Selected vehicles from the database are presented on the front-page and a custom vehicle listing system was created, with custom algorithms for proper pagination. Finally, a rent request platform was created that uses PHPMailer to directly contact the administrator upon new requests.