Lefteris Saroukos


Kalymnos climbing activities presentation page


A subscription management tool created with Django.

subscriptions DB

Blog that hosts the announcements of the Union of Workers of North Dodecanese


Dynamic presentation website and e-shop of a local business, created with WordPress.


A dynamic WordPress website presenting a local business


A multilingual WordPress website that is used as an online product catalogue


A WordPress plugin that adds Piraeus Bank paycenter as a payment gateway for WooCommerce.

Wooshop Piraeus Bank Gateway

Web application that stores in a database client requests for repairing a device. It was built for shopit User Login. Built in php using cookie so keep the user logged in. The user password is stored as a salted hash and there is restriction in failed login attempts to prevent brute force attacks. Front-end. The […]

Shopit Service Management

Dynamic Reservation Website of a Cruising Boat, GDPR compliant & SEO


Successful prevention of  hacker attack


A furniture store website that I contributed in its creation as part of shopit team.The website is build using WordPress and its content can be modified dynamically. It is an online product catalogue Technical Details Transfer products from a Magento catalogue to WordPress(WooCommerce). In order for the transfer to be completed safely and easily a […]


A firefox add-on that allows websites to be scrolled down automatically

Page Scroller

A custom plugin that allows the administrator of any WordPress site to keep an online record of transactions, and it is only accessibly from the back-end

LSPROG: Transactions

Migration of 35 active websites from a server using Plesk to a new one using CPanel

website migration

This website developed using WordPress


Custom WordPress plugin that adds a navigation menu

Custom WordPress plugin Menu

Development of website and WordPress plugin


changes on an existing hotel page as part of shopit team


Development of a hotel website which allows receiving and managing reservation requests


Dynamic php website for renting vehicles in Kalymnos, created as an employee at shopit Technical Details This was initially a static php theme, and it had to be converted to a fully functional dynamic website to allow the owner to post and manage vehicle entries, receive orders and manage a guest book. In order to […]


Cross platform psychologist’s patient management application created as part of ptyhones.gr programming group (now disbanded) for Kalymnos hospital.   Technical Details The application had to be user friendly and most of all secure. It was checked for buffer overflow attacks, SQL injections and since it stores user passwords hashing algorithms were implemented. I also had […]


A simple, lightweight pure javascript datepicker. The goal was to create a datepicker using javascript, because most the datepickers I could find were using JQUERY